Work and the workplace

Reconciliation of work and family
A key element of equality policy is the creation of suitable conditions to enable both men and women to better balance the demands of work and family.

Gender equality at the workplace is prescribed by law
The Federal Gender Equality Act, in force since July 1996, forbids direct and indirect discrimination in the workplace and includes provisions to facilitate equal opportunities at work.

Equal pay not achieved
However, the pay gap between the sexes is still wide. Women's pay is on average much lower than pay for men. This gender pay differential exists across all sectors of the economy, irrespective of the level of education and the qualifications required for the job. Around 40% of the pay differential cannot be explained by objective factors (education, occupation, qualifications, length of service) and must be seen as pay discrimination.

Lack of childcare services
To this day there is still a severe shortage of supplementary childcare places outside families and schools. The differences across the cantons and municipalities are considerable. Since its inception in 2003, the Confederation's programme to promote supplementary childcare facilities outside the family has made a significant impact and shall therefore be continued.

Relevant Publications and position papers by the FCWI are available in German, French and, partly, in Italian.

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