Civil rights

New matrimonial law 1988
Legal equality between men and women in marriage was established with the new matrimonial law of 1988 - with the exception of the matter of surnames, where equality-compliant rules entered into force only in 2013.

Revised divorce law 2000
Although the revised divorce legislation enacted in 2000 created de jure gender equality, difficulties in implementation quickly emerged, and in practice solutions that treat both sexes equitably are not a matter of course.

Registered partnership 2007
Registered partnerships for same-sex couples have been possible since 2007.

Unmarried couples
With the rise in numbers of unmarried couples living together, questions of the equal treatment of married and unmarried couples are increasingly arising in areas such as inheritance law, immigration law, social insurance and taxation.

Relevant publications and position papers by the FCWI are available in German, French and, partly, in Italian.